Taking Steps To Have Your Car Towed Successfully

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Taking Steps To Have Your Car Towed Successfully

There aren't many things that are more frustrating than dealing with a car that has developed sudden and illusive problems. You might wonder how to stay safe on the freeway or where you should pull over. My husband has worked in the towing industry for many years, and I could tell you funny, scary, and confusing stories about decisions drivers have made for him in the past. I want to make the world a safer place for tow truck drivers, which is why I created this blog. Read on to learn interesting tips for roadside safety, so that you don't find yourself in the same situation I did.

3 Reasons You May Have To Call A Towing Service Beyond The Usual Breakdown

It is no big secret that as a driver, having a good towing service's number on hand is one of the smartest things you can do because you never know when your vehicle could leave you stranded. However, just being stranded in your vehicle is not the only reason you could ever need a local towing service to come to your aid. Not only do these services usually offer a range of services for the average vehicle owner, they can help you out with a lot of situations. Take a look at these three reasons why you may have to call a towing service beyond the usual breakdown:

You need help getting an old car to the local junkyard. 

Once your vehicle is no longer any use to you, if it is not running, your best way to get any money out of it will usually be to sell it to the local junkyard. While junkyards commonly buy cars, not all of them will actually pick the car up from your property, so it will have to be taken to them. In this situation, having a towing service come and pick up the vehicle to deliver it to the junkyard can be the fastest way to get your car sold so you can pocket the money. 

You need to get your vehicle to the shop for repairs. 

When your vehicle breaks down, there is almost just as much chance that it will happen before you ever leave your driveway as there is it will happen while you are on the roadway. If you discover your car needs repairs while at home, you face the challenge of getting the car to the local mechanic when it is not drivable. Thankfully, you can always call a towing service to come and get the car and take it to the mechanic for you. 

You have to take an unlicensed car in for inspection. 

If a car does not have a license plate, it is not legally allowed on the road, which can make it hard to get a rebuilt car to the local DMV for inspection when you need to get it relicensed. This is a common situation if you wreck your car and have to turn in the plates because the car is totaled by the insurance company and then later get a rebuilt title. Even though you cannot drive the car on the road, what you can do is call a tow truck to take the car to the DMV for you.